This Lip Maximizer Is a Necessity. Seriously.

The Christian Dior lip maximizer is amazing. Ive been using this maximizer since I got to Utah because the harsh dry air completely trashes my lips. I also needed something that wouldn’t make my lips peel. Most brands like EOS even SUGAR worked for a while but all eventually started making my lips peel which was painful and I was so over it. I came across this product from my mom as she is the OG beauty guru and absolutely loved it! It was so freaking glossy and hydrating. My lips felt so plump and soft It wasn’t painful to smile anymore and I didn’t have to worry about that gross crusty feeling. If you’re looking for a maximizer trust me it’s worth it. It makes you lips feel a little tingly at first kind of like a splash of cold water but then you’ll feel like Kylie J walking around town. They come in all kinds of shades a clear shiny and sparkly one for my trendy gals to a nice candy red. I have the clear and darker shade which I love. Im a fan of the darker shade because it complements my skin tone very well and doesn’t wash my color out! If you wanna check it out here it is! It’s a little pricey but your lips will thank you. Believe me.

Meet Phoenix the Foster Pup!

I just received confirmation that my foster application for Paws for Life has been accepted and that I should get a puppy coming from foster care in New Mexico! My previous post about why you should adopt not shop  really sparked my interest into how I could make a difference in my animal community. I knew that adopting a dog wouldn’t be fair in my position right now because I do go home occasionally and my fiancé and I travel together, but the miraculous idea of FOSTERING a dog popped into my head. I wrestled with the pro’s and con’s and what would be needed of me in the case I am blessed with a foster dog and well as you can see, the pro’s outweighed the cons lol. I got him right before halloween and his name is Phoenix. He is almost 4 months old and is such a cuddly boy! He is somewhat house trained (whines when needs to go out) and sleeps in his pen/cage with his blanket just fine. He is starting to love walks and loves romping around in the grass. Im not sure how long I’ll have him but he is such a loving dog and if you would like to help with his care I have attached a donate link! All proceeds will go to getting him treats, toys, and cute warm clothes!

Help Phoenix Find a Forever Home

Phoenix is a loving lab-heeler mix, he loves walking and eating leaves, he would not survive without cuddles! All proceeds go to getting him new treats, toys, and warm clothes! I’ll send you a picture of Phoenix with whatever your donation gets him!


Adopt Don’t Shop

Why would I be hesitant about a puppy rental well quite frankly it’s so typical for people to want to rent a cute little puppy! But what about a dog rental place, for older dogs who just aren’t getting adopted? I searched for a place like this near me but a girl can dream. I love dogs so much and It breaks my heart to think about Dogs who are a little older and their “cuteness” isn’t as appealing to potential adopters. So basically, I summed up a list on why you should ADOPT not SHOP!!! This is Makani my pit bull mix we found on a local shelter back on Oahu. She was originally on Maui but the rescue was kind enough to send her over to Oahu so that we could adopt her. She was abused but was so so so sooooo kind and loving, she wishes she was a lap dog! She loves children and is one of the reasons why I’m an advocate for pit bulls as therapy dogs, family pets, and loving companions.

1. Most of the older dogs that are in shelters are already trained.

2. Dogs in shelters have been abandoned or rescued from horrible situations and doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance?

3. It means more to change a sad dog who has lost hope in humanity and make them see that not all humans are evil versus a puppy who hasn’t experienced the atrocities an older dog might have.

4. Puppies from pet stores are often from PUPPY MILLS, Puppy mills overbreed dogs often with siblings or whatever dog they have. Before the puppies are shipped to various pet stores they often sit in overcrowded pens in their own feces.


Here are some No Kill Shelters I found It’s SO easy to find some near you I encourage you to check out and support your local no kill shelter but if you don’t have one near you head down to your local shelter and see if you can help out a dog who needs a second chance.

Best Friends in Utah and LA

Nevada Human Society in Nevada

Austin Pets Alive in Texas 

Nuzzles and CO. in Park City Utah

A Must Get!

Who doesn’t love Bath and Body Works? Especially their 3 wick candles!! Major Heart eyes, I’m usually a plain lavender/vanilla kinda girl but this candle is crazy good. It’s called HOORAY and just the lettering alone made me want to buy it but the smell is a blend of bubbly champagne, Pink Lady Apple, Juicy Honeydew. It’s a fruity but soft sweet smell. It’s not overpowering but when it’s lit can make the entire room smell amazing. Just found out it was on sale again! 

The Best Lash Serum On The Planet

I recently got a lash lift and I loooove it! I have long eyelashes but they refused to curl up until I got this lash lift. It’s basically a perm for your eyelashes and I was nervous about these chemicals so I wanted to find a lash serum that makes my lashes thicker, longer, and generally just healthier. I found Neu Lash, it comes in a silver tube and you don’t need much. Just apply to your lashes and even your brows if you wish and within a week you’ll see amazing results. This is however is one of the more pricey options on the market I used to use shiseido lash serum which also seemed to work but if you want results ASAP I suggest investing in this baby. Get it here guys!

The Latest Addition

The Jiu-jitsu gi game is always changing and I’m picky to say the least, but my recent favorite is Daybyday, a brand by AJ Mendoza. AJ is a Relson Gracie black belt and a family friend, he started his business about three years ago and it took off. Hawaii started sporting Daybyday. I have one of the older versions the V.3 with black accents but that priceless tag on the inside saying, “Train, Wash, Repeat.” and the inside stitching saying, “Day By Day The Path To Black Belt.” makes for a subtle yet bad a** look. The gi is relatively light weight and I throw mine in the dryer with little to no change to size. This is an A0 but I think to be IBJJF legal I’m going to get an A1. I love the ripstop pants because its light weight and easy to move around in. I tried women’s cut gi’s but this regular adult size fits very nicely. They also make A1H and above for the wider men. Guys and girls if you’re looking for a stylish but durable gi to get your train on go check them out.


How I Got Engaged

C’mon ladies who doesn’t love the notebook or the fault in our stars? Well I guess we don’t all get swept off our feet by total chick flicks but I did. When I first met my fiance there was no way in hell I thought we’d date let alone get engaged, since middle school we have always “known of” each other but were never really friends. It took him moving to Virginia for junior year and me getting out of a seriously bad relationship for us to finally have our life together and well, be ready for each other. The beginning of senior year he walks into the student production center relaxed and kickin’ it as usual. I really remember rolling my eyes but then doing a double take because where the heck did he come from, he wasn’t even here last year. Typical first day of class things occurred, group bonding activities which of course we got paired in the same group together. After that day I would see him more and more just walking to and from class hanging out with my friends and running into him out of school. He called me up one night with a few of our mutual friends and invited me to hangout with them I was hesitant at first but eventually agreed. I think that was the start of this crazy adventure and everyone saw it but me. Later talking to our friends that were with us that night they told us they could all tell we would end up together but I think my fiance and I were in denial at the time. A couple of awkward “just friends” dates followed that night for a little over a month until he finally asked me to be his girlfriend and boy was I relieved. Senior year had just started and now I had someone to finish up a fun chapter in my life with. The never ending beach days, and abundance of free periods flooded our lives that year, I don’t remember a time I was happier. From Suicide Boys concerts, waterfall hikes, and beach bonfires the fun never seemed to end, I’m not saying we didn’t have our bumps but those bumps were easily resolved with communication and the happiness trekked on. As the year was coming to a close we knew that this senior year relationship was getting serious. We decided that going to college in the same state would be ideal and that we were both thinking about taking things to the next level. We graduated happy as clams and planning our fun filled summer together. Trips to Kona and Moloka’i were the highlights of our summer in Hawaii and we just knew that life’s adventures would be far less eventful without us together. We picked out the rings that we loved and agreed to keep it simple because frankly we were both on a barely college student budget. I told him it would mean the world if my two best friends, Hali’a and Shaye could be there when he popped the question and he made it all happen. A couple weeks before we left for Utah he told me we were going to a bonfire with all our friends. I didn’t want to go. It was late and I was tired, so I put up a fit. *which by the way I felt so bad after*  He told me to wait in the car so he could check where on the beach our friends were, so I waited impatiently. He texted me telling me to get out of the car because he found the “bonfire.” As I stumbled out to an isle of candles lined with roses that led to Aukai, I was in disbelief. But Hali’a and Shaye yelling at me to walk in the isle rather than around, woke me up to the reality that I’m really getting engaged. It was a beautiful moonlit night on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with the man of my dreams down on one knee how was this even happening to me I thought. The images of the chick flicks I would shed a tear.. or two in rushed into my head Im living a freaking fairytale! the rest is history we moved to Utah and love being engaged. We’re waiting till after we graduate college to have our big wedding. This just goes to show that hey I guess those chick flicks and happily ever afters do happen.