How I Got Engaged

C’mon ladies who doesn’t love the notebook or the fault in our stars? Well I guess we don’t all get swept off our feet by total chick flicks but I did. When I first met my fiance there was no way in hell I thought we’d date let alone get engaged, since middle school we have always “known of” each other but were never really friends. It took him moving to Virginia for junior year and me getting out of a seriously bad relationship for us to finally have our life together and well, be ready for each other. The beginning of senior year he walks into the student production center relaxed and kickin’ it as usual. I really remember rolling my eyes but then doing a double take because where the heck did he come from, he wasn’t even here last year. Typical first day of class things occurred, group bonding activities which of course we got paired in the same group together. After that day I would see him more and more just walking to and from class hanging out with my friends and running into him out of school. He called me up one night with a few of our mutual friends and invited me to hangout with them I was hesitant at first but eventually agreed. I think that was the start of this crazy adventure and everyone saw it but me. Later talking to our friends that were with us that night they told us they could all tell we would end up together but I think my fiance and I were in denial at the time. A couple of awkward “just friends” dates followed that night for a little over a month until he finally asked me to be his girlfriend and boy was I relieved. Senior year had just started and now I had someone to finish up a fun chapter in my life with. The never ending beach days, and abundance of free periods flooded our lives that year, I don’t remember a time I was happier. From Suicide Boys concerts, waterfall hikes, and beach bonfires the fun never seemed to end, I’m not saying we didn’t have our bumps but those bumps were easily resolved with communication and the happiness trekked on. As the year was coming to a close we knew that this senior year relationship was getting serious. We decided that going to college in the same state would be ideal and that we were both thinking about taking things to the next level. We graduated happy as clams and planning our fun filled summer together. Trips to Kona and Moloka’i were the highlights of our summer in Hawaii and we just knew that life’s adventures would be far less eventful without us together. We picked out the rings that we loved and agreed to keep it simple because frankly we were both on a barely college student budget. I told him it would mean the world if my two best friends, Hali’a and Shaye could be there when he popped the question and he made it all happen. A couple weeks before we left for Utah he told me we were going to a bonfire with all our friends. I didn’t want to go. It was late and I was tired, so I put up a fit. *which by the way I felt so bad after*  He told me to wait in the car so he could check where on the beach our friends were, so I waited impatiently. He texted me telling me to get out of the car because he found the “bonfire.” As I stumbled out to an isle of candles lined with roses that led to Aukai, I was in disbelief. But Hali’a and Shaye yelling at me to walk in the isle rather than around, woke me up to the reality that I’m really getting engaged. It was a beautiful moonlit night on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with the man of my dreams down on one knee how was this even happening to me I thought. The images of the chick flicks I would shed a tear.. or two in rushed into my head Im living a freaking fairytale! the rest is history we moved to Utah and love being engaged. We’re waiting till after we graduate college to have our big wedding. This just goes to show that hey I guess those chick flicks and happily ever afters do happen.

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