Adopt Don’t Shop

Why would I be hesitant about a puppy rental well quite frankly it’s so typical for people to want to rent a cute little puppy! But what about a dog rental place, for older dogs who just aren’t getting adopted? I searched for a place like this near me but a girl can dream. I love dogs so much and It breaks my heart to think about Dogs who are a little older and their “cuteness” isn’t as appealing to potential adopters. So basically, I summed up a list on why you should ADOPT not SHOP!!! This is Makani my pit bull mix we found on a local shelter back on Oahu. She was originally on Maui but the rescue was kind enough to send her over to Oahu so that we could adopt her. She was abused but was so so so sooooo kind and loving, she wishes she was a lap dog! She loves children and is one of the reasons why I’m an advocate for pit bulls as therapy dogs, family pets, and loving companions.

1. Most of the older dogs that are in shelters are already trained.

2. Dogs in shelters have been abandoned or rescued from horrible situations and doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance?

3. It means more to change a sad dog who has lost hope in humanity and make them see that not all humans are evil versus a puppy who hasn’t experienced the atrocities an older dog might have.

4. Puppies from pet stores are often from PUPPY MILLS, Puppy mills overbreed dogs often with siblings or whatever dog they have. Before the puppies are shipped to various pet stores they often sit in overcrowded pens in their own feces.


Here are some No Kill Shelters I found It’s SO easy to find some near you I encourage you to check out and support your local no kill shelter but if you don’t have one near you head down to your local shelter and see if you can help out a dog who needs a second chance.

Best Friends in Utah and LA

Nevada Human Society in Nevada

Austin Pets Alive in Texas 

Nuzzles and CO. in Park City Utah

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