Meet Phoenix the Foster Pup!

I just received confirmation that my foster application for Paws for Life has been accepted and that I should get a puppy coming from foster care in New Mexico! My previous post about why you should adopt not shop  really sparked my interest into how I could make a difference in my animal community. I knew that adopting a dog wouldn’t be fair in my position right now because I do go home occasionally and my fiancé and I travel together, but the miraculous idea of FOSTERING a dog popped into my head. I wrestled with the pro’s and con’s and what would be needed of me in the case I am blessed with a foster dog and well as you can see, the pro’s outweighed the cons lol. I got him right before halloween and his name is Phoenix. He is almost 4 months old and is such a cuddly boy! He is somewhat house trained (whines when needs to go out) and sleeps in his pen/cage with his blanket just fine. He is starting to love walks and loves romping around in the grass. Im not sure how long I’ll have him but he is such a loving dog and if you would like to help with his care I have attached a donate link! All proceeds will go to getting him treats, toys, and cute warm clothes!

Help Phoenix Find a Forever Home

Phoenix is a loving lab-heeler mix, he loves walking and eating leaves, he would not survive without cuddles! All proceeds go to getting him new treats, toys, and warm clothes! I’ll send you a picture of Phoenix with whatever your donation gets him!


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