This Lip Maximizer Is a Necessity. Seriously.

The Christian Dior lip maximizer is amazing. Ive been using this maximizer since I got to Utah because the harsh dry air completely trashes my lips. I also needed something that wouldn’t make my lips peel. Most brands like EOS even SUGAR worked for a while but all eventually started making my lips peel which was painful and I was so over it. I came across this product from my mom as she is the OG beauty guru and absolutely loved it! It was so freaking glossy and hydrating. My lips felt so plump and soft It wasn’t painful to smile anymore and I didn’t have to worry about that gross crusty feeling. If you’re looking for a maximizer trust me it’s worth it. It makes you lips feel a little tingly at first kind of like a splash of cold water but then you’ll feel like Kylie J walking around town. They come in all kinds of shades a clear shiny and sparkly one for my trendy gals to a nice candy red. I have the clear and darker shade which I love. Im a fan of the darker shade because it complements my skin tone very well and doesn’t wash my color out! If you wanna check it out here it is! It’s a little pricey but your lips will thank you. Believe me.

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